Return to Planet Magen


This is a picture of me with Optimus Prime. There, now I feel better.

I’ve been home for two days since my New York vacation. Since then I’ve gone back to work, gone through my old clothes, and gotten a new bed. I’ve set about to getting rid of useless things and replacing them with the stuff I need. I rearranged all of my furniture and hung up some old pictures.  Then I drew some new pictures, too. I find myself wanting to do a lot of things, but I’ve settled for my small list of accomplishments so far.

Basically? My life needed a reboot.

Going to New York made that happen. Sitting in tea houses and coffee shops and sushi restaurants. Navigating congested streets in Times Square and China Town and Little Italy. Sleeping on a futon in Brooklyn and watching sunlight come through the overhanging fabric of Tibetan flags at dawn. I got to sit around and talk about art and comics and anime, and look at amazing collections of illustrations and sculptures and paintings. I got to wander around the city at night and think about what I want to do with my life, my writing, my career. For a moment there, maybe two, passing in the glint of headlights in the distance, I felt somehow connected to something. Now I’m back on Planet Texas, Planet Magen, and it’s time for a fresh start.

My bed is new. My layout is new. The paper I’m drawing on — yes, I’m drawing again, god help you all — is new, too. I feel good. I feel ready to start on my next round of projects and get shit done. No more stagnation or distractions or meandering around. No more letting work dictate my life or being bogged down by the drama of coworkers. I’m busy. Even if I’m not busy, I’m about to get busy, so just lose my number.

This is Planet Magen, and we have things to do.

One thought on “Return to Planet Magen

  1. Optimus Prime is pretty badass. I can see why you’re so excited! And I can totally relate to the need for a recharge, especially someplace as awesome as New York. I am in dire need of one myself, and I <3 NYC so very much. So happy you're drawing, by the way. Don't get discouraged with it! I'm constantly second guessing my own artistic abilities, but you just have to keep going.

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