Comic Book Review: Ms. Marvel #3


The All-New Ms. Marvel has already gained international fame. But in Kamala’s case, star-power comes with a whole lot of… awkwardness. Find out why the most exciting new Marvel hero is also the most loveable! With her family still mad at her and her friends making things worse, Kamala’s life gets even more complicated in…
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Comic Book Review: Captain Marvel #2


Higher, faster, further…. WAR?! Captain Marvel forges towards the final frontier—and is thrown into the frontlines of battle. Can this half-alien survive in an all alien-world? The breakout hit of 2012 makes a glorious return! Off to a good start after its recent renumbering, Captain Marvel takes to the stars as Carol takes Iron Man’s…
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Comic Book Review: Black Widow #5


Paris, London, Montenegro. Natasha is in a race against time, under the shadow of the hammer… A dark plot threatens Europe, and even SHIELD doesn’t know who’s behind it… With nowhere to turn for answers, Natasha has no choice but to ask THE RAVEN for help… After two frustrated encounters with the Hammer of God,…
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Comic Book Review: Moon Knight #2


The best new comic of 2014 continues with a story that has to be experienced to be believed! After a stellar #1, Ellis and Shalvey return with a gritty tale of revenge. As a series of seemingly unrelated business professionals are brutally gunned down across the city, Moon Knight takes to the skies to track…
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Comic Book Review: Hawkeye #18


Who could forget that time when Clint Barton let his neighbor’s kids watched a holiday cartoon at his place? At long last THIS ISSUE is pretty much the cartoon they all watch. YOU’RE WELCOME. A very special holiday HAWKGUY that at long last lets legendary letterer CHRIS ELIOPOLOUS flex his astounding cartooning muscles in our…
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Comic Book Review: New Avengers #16


“THE NIGHT BEFORE THE WORLD ENDED” No more bloodshed. To save their nations, the proud Black Panther and the arrogant Namor have sued for peace. As members of the Illuminati, the secret organization made up of the Marvel Universe’s most powerful heroes, they must work together to stop the extinction of the entire universe! But…
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Queer Horror?: Writing, Horror, and Fleshtrap


So if you go to Amazon and look for my horror novel Fleshtrap, you might notice that (at least as is true with the Kindle edition) it’s listed under the category Horror and the subcategory Gay & Lesbian Horror.  Which, you know, makes sense enough, I suppose. The protagonist, Casey Way, is a self-identifying gay…
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Comic Book Review: New Avengers #15


Meet the Mapmakers, cartographers of the Apocalypse. Doctor Strange sells his soul. Reed Richards and the Illuminati rekindle an old relationship.  From Jonathan Hickman and Simone Bianchi. After two issues spent detouring into other realities, New Avengers #15 gets the title back on track. Having peered into these other world, it quickly becomes clear to…
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Comic Book Review: Ms. Marvel #2


Kamala Khan’s very ordinary life has suddenly become extraordinary. Is she ready to wield these strange and immense new gifts? Or will the weight of the legacy before her be too much to handle? Critically acclaimed writer G. Willow Wilson (Air, Cairo) and fan-beloved artist Adrian Alphona (Runaways, Uncanny X-Force) bring you the groundbreaking Marvel…
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Comic Book Review: Black Widow #4


From the cold streets of old Russia, the Hand of God reaches out to crush Black Widow—and it is merciless. Outmatched by the brute force of a powerful new villain, Natasha finds a deadly plot unfolding that spans the entire globe. Jump on to the sensational new series as the most lethal The Avenger faces…
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